Ten things I have learnt becoming a Mum

I’ve been a Mum for almost two years now, I never expected how much my life would change.

I’d been a step mum for about two years already and that was pretty straight forward, but we only had her every second weekend. Needless to say i underestimated the effect being a mum would have on my day to day life and career. I blink and whole weeks disappear at the moment, I swear it’s still tuesday but really it’s friday and my to do list is looking like it did a month ago.

I make plans, I am one of those people but these my plans don’t ever seem to happen. I am almost a month behind on my studies, maybe even more but for some reason I never have time to do it. My course notes have lovely pictures drawn in them by my little man. He has done more work on my course work then I have.

So here’s a list of ten things I have learnt in the last two years:

– you can be tired to the point you forget who you are

– no matter how gross something is if you just dont think about it you can handle it

– that some people can sleep through a baby screaming right next to them (im not one of them)

– that watching a horror movie alone is a bad idea when you have a child who sleep giggles. Lying in bed in the dark only to hear small childs laughter makes it so you cant sleep at all.

– you can get sick of chicken nuggets and mac n cheese.

– how to get a load of washing wahed and dried within a day in winter without a drier.

– that peanut butter toast can solve all manner of meltdowns.

– your brain can completely disassociate two things planned for the same time on the same day but you havent forgotten either of them.

– that vacuum cleaners dont pick up uncooked spaghetti.


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