Gardening box – Floral Areas

Card No. 10

Floral areas are popular in the home garden and the use of annuals will provide a bright seasonal display with limitless colour combinations (see also Cards 40, 41,43 and 58).

Whilst results are fairly readily obtained, to be really effective proper planning is required, taking into account the fact that regular attention is needed. The size of the area, therefore, should be restricted to that which can be properly maintained. 

The position and arrangement of beds will be a matter of personal choice. The position must provide good cultural conditions (light, drainage, and no risk of interference from tree roots). The design should provide a satisfactory overall effect and relate to the adjacent area and features or be developed as an independent unit separated from the general surrounds. 

The possibility of increasing the width of the shrub border to allow for frontal planting should also be considered; one variety may be used throughout, or different varieties may be arranged in rows to produce a ribbons effect, or they may be informally grouped. 

Large displays require careful planning, bearing in mind plant height, type of growth, colour, length and season of flowering, and any other peculiarity (see Card 170).


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