Gardening Box – Service Areas

Card No. 9

In every garden there must be some place where work can be carried out and in which waste materials are disposed. From time to time plants must be potted or lifted and divided and it is an advantage to have a bench on which this can be done. Tools and machines must be stored, grass clippings, fallen leaves and other soft waste turned into good compost and woody waste burned so that the ashes may be used as fertiliser.

In many small gardens these facilities must be provided in one corner. If there is a shed for tools and machines it may help to screen the area used for the compost heap and incinerator. Evergreen shrubs may give additional cover or screens can be used such as those described on Card 5.

It does not matter how shaded this area is since the best compost is made where temperatures are equable and conditions moist, but where rubbish is to be burned there should be no overhanging branches.

In larger gardens it is likely that the area for work and waste disposal can be combined with the vegetable garden or beds reserved for young plants and flowers for cutting.

As an alternative to a compost heap soft vegetable waste may be dug into spare ground, a trench being opened for the purpose and covered bit by bit as the waste is placed in it.


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