Sewing is essential

For my 28th birthday (on the 21st of April) I asked my parents for either a table top make up mirror or a sewing machine. 

Considering they were travelling up to see me and flying part of the way, the sewing machine seemed like a bit of a far fetched ask. But I was nicely surprised when I was presented with a lovely little Singer sewing machine.

Which was sort of good because Mr Urbanhomesteadnz had surprised me with a lovely little mirror. 

When it comes to sewing I consider myself a little dyslexic. The last time I used a machine was 13 or so years ago, it was my sister’s machine and I managed to break a fair few needles and learnt after a fair while that the material moves away from you not towards you. I did however successfully sew a crude black skirt with colourful trim. 

Hand sewing however I am fantastic at, but with Little Mr. Being the height of a two year old at 18months but the width of an 18 month old, it’s become important I learn to sew. 

Why is sewing important? Well how isn’t it? So many things in and around our homes are sewn and we rely on others to do the sewing when we could quite easily learn how to ourselves. 

I found this wee post on here which I found excellent, hopefully you will too.

Sense and Sewing Ability #1: So You Want to Learn to Sew –


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