Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

Maybe my country is a little obsessed with sheep, we do have a lot of them but honestly there is nothing better than a lovely lamb or mutton based meal on a cold winter’s night. Ok I will admit that after having the best mutton roast of my life I did go into labor with my son so it has especially fond memories for me. But so does sitting in front of the fire watching tv while dad cooked roast lamb on a Sunday evening. Family really is key to everything.
A couple nights ago Mr Urbanhomestead was finishing work at 9pm, Little Mr. Was in a grump so having a nice hearty dinner was going to be a lovely end to the day. 

Lamb thanks are so easy, I like with all my cooking just threw them in the slow cookers with some stock ice cubes, some bbq sauce, a bit of dried mint and some bay leaves. Left them to cook and that was it. 

Because I grabbed the wrong potatoes at the supermarket (I grabbed roasting potatoes) we had roast potatoes with them. Traditionally it would be mashed potatoes.



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