Rendering Bacon Fat

So my last post was on bacon and egg pie, well I had the find left over and it seemed like a waste so I thought I know I’ll fry it and render of the cat for cooking with later. 

I know a lot of you are probably going but that’s so unhealthy, well you know what. I don’t care. Life is for living and enjoying. 

How’s it done well it is as simple as can be you simply fry your bacon or in my case finds until lovely and crispy. The rinds itself turn sort of clear, that’s when the fats are released which is what we want. 

Please whatever you do don’t pour it down the drain as it cools it hardens and will block your drain. 

What can you use it for well you can added it to anything you want to give a lovely bacony flavour to. Beans or peas cooked in bacon fat are amazing or cook roast potatoes in it to give them a lovely crispy tasty crunch to the outside of them. Pretty much anything you use fats for. 

Be very careful pouring the hot rendered fat into your container for storage as it is extremely hot.


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