Grandma’s Bacon and Egg pie

My grandma died from motorneuron disease when my mum was 18 years old so unfortunately I never got to meet her. But from what I know she was a fiercely passionate woman who wasn’t afraid of anything. She served as a nurse on the QE II during WWII where she met my grandfather who was a very charming but also a bit out-there doctor. 

Her bacon and egg pie lived on and became a staple of family holidays when I was a child. We would all get bundled up into the car with a freshly baked bacon and egg pie ready to go on some adventure. We would stop on the way having cold bacon and egg pie accompanied usually with lemonade. 

It’s a recipe that my mum calls a non-recipe because it isn’t written anywhere and no I’m not going to write a recipe, just follow the photos throughout this post and add whatever you like to it. 
When it comes to how you add your eggs, well it’s up to you. My mum puts while eggs with yolks intact, I break the yolks. You could beat them with a dash of milking if you wanted its really up to you. 

You could brush with egg for a more golden crust. We don’t but you could.

Now to make family memories. 


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