Morning coffee

A lot of us start our day because we have to, we get up quickly have skull back our morning coffee and get on with the things we have to do with our day. 

This is no different if you are living a completely self-sufficient life. Living off grid can be a full time job, if you don’t get your tasks done in that day you may not have food, power etc. 

What am I getting at?

We all have characteristics that make us who we are, we may not even know it but it’s there. Mine is I push people. 

All my life I have pushed everyone close to me, not in the sense that I push them away or encourage them to follow their dreams. I push people to their very limits of who they are, I do it without conscious thought. I make people confront their own ugly truths, feel things that they don’t want to feel. It usually begins with confusion, anger, and discomfort but in the end these people find themselves capable of feeling and being more than they could have ever believed. 

I was born with a condition that does limit my life, maybe that is why I become so irritated seeing someone who is completely able bodies, able minded just letting their life slip past them because they don’t see how much they have in their life or how many doors are sitting open in front of them waiting to take those first steps forward. 

One person can make change in the world if they believe enough that they can. Throughout history we have seen individuals initiate positive changes in the world despite being told by others they couldn’t and it wouldn’t work. But instead of following in their footsteps we sit here going “oh I am only one person, it won’t work, what does it it”.

If we start each day with purpose, we get out of bed because we want to and appreciate that we have been given another day to make the most of; then we continue that day with purpose, we achieve more, we enjoy life more. Get up earlier, take time to breath in fresh air, sip your coffee slowly and appreciate that you are in fact alive. You have the ability to inspire others just by living your life and raising your limits. 

If I, a person who is deemed sickly, disabled by some standards even can be not only a full time mum, but an artist, blogger, lab technician and student. Imagine what you with your unlimited, healthy life can achieve. You owe it to the world to live your full potential.


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