Confession and chicken pastries

It has been awhile and well I will admit I haven’t written in awhile out of guilt.

My garden is a mess, honestly the veggie garden is that over grown you have to wade through grass and dig through it to find any thing. My excuse? Well we have had a very wet summer, but mainly it is neglected because Little Man is a very very fair child and we have no ozone layer. He is also one of those toddlers that is extremely curious and quick. Bring a first time mum I am still finding my feet in a lot of ways and finding a way to garden with a toddler is something I have no where near mastered. He isn’t walking yet, is very close to, but he does climb. So that is my confession. A lot has changed, I am now pretty much a stay at home mum. 

Cheesy Chicken Pastries:

Little Man loves chicken and cheese. 

I slowed roasted a Moroccan seasoned chicken the day before I made these, and had a reasonable amount left over. 

It is so easy and so tasty. 

I just made a simple pastry type dough, took a ball and squished it into the bottom of a muffin tin, then top with some chicken and some cheese (I added honey mustard to my ones), took another ball of dough and squished it down over the top and baked. 

Alternatively you could use any leftovers, and steam them instead of bake. But they were delicious so easy and went down a hit with Little Man. 


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