Purpose. Method. Results

I recently watched a youtube video by Lewis Mocker about success in business and finance he described how the majority of people view success from the angle of I want these results and then find any method possible to get there. Most of the time struggling to get there and ending up feeling frustrated and fed up. 

Really the way we should be looking at success is like this, what is my purpose/passion in life? How can I make my life a success while working on my purpose/passion? What results did I achieve? 

So how does this apply to homesteading? Well it applies to everything really. We build a vegetable garden for a purpose, that could be to live a sustainable earth healthy life, our method in fact is building the garden and growing the vegetables, the results are the yummy meals our families get to eat together and the health they gain from it. 

Tonight I made dinner using this idea. 

Our little family have been under a bit of stress lately, christmas, Mr. changing jobs, turning my art into a business, Little Mr. teething and a family member being in hospital. So my purpose tonight was to feed us. My method well was cooking, I had frozen vegetable soup in the freezer and some sausages, Little Mr. has been loving risotto lately so I threw it all in a pot.

And stirred and stirred adding peas for colour. 

The results; a healthily fed family. The soup was made in our pressure cooker so all nutrients were kept in the soup, with added protein from the sausages and carbohydrates to keep us going in form of the rice. The results were better than expected. 

There you have it Purpose. Method. Results


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