Living Frugal

There are so many blogs out there that are completely dedicated to saving money and living frugal. 

I have searched high and low for tips and tricks as to how to live as cheapily as possible. But I keep coming across the same tips which aren’t of much help to me. 

Those tips are:

– eat at home

– get rid of cable or cut your entertainment bill

-only have one car

There is more but I am sure you get the point, we always eat at home, we don’t have cable tv and weonly have one car. 

So what pointers do I have? 

– Don’t buy anything full price unless it is completely necessary. Prices always drop and if you really love or want something you will still want it in the month or so when it has dropped in price or gone on sale.

– Turn everything off at the wall wgen you aren’t using it. 

– Check your bills, pay checks etc. People make mistakes. I saved myself $18 this week by contesting our power accounts balance, turns out they hadn’t taken off the prompt payment discount. 

– When meal planning, plan things that have similar ingredients cooked in different ways that way you can buy things in bulk and save on the amount of items you have to buy which saves time as well. 

– Always cook a little extra, I do this by accident almost every night. By doing so though you have either your lunch or dinner prepared for another day. 

– By second-hand, I got my pressure cooker from a second hand shop. Actually I have found a lot of useful things at second hand shops, especially clothes. I buy underwear, socks and pants brand new. Pants because I have very long legs and its not often I can find ones that fit. Jerseys, tops, skirts even shoes I have brought second hand. 

-Hand wash little stuff and don’t use a drier, most of my life I haven’t had access to a drier. We have always dried our clothes either on a clothesline, on a airing rack or above the fireplace (currently below the heatpump/airconditioning unit). One day a drier will be a lovely luxury but even then we would probably only use it for emergencies. 

I’ve not been the best with my money but I am now really trying to save and create a more comfortable lifestyle for my family. A trick I came across is helping, instead of seeing savings as just dollars and cents, see them as willpower points. 


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