Books, Books, Books

At the risk of sounding like a complete nerd, (Lab Technician + books) I love books. To the point I could probably be called a book addict, but hey there are far worse things in the world to be addicted to. 

Books were my first love and I will admit I have never thrown out, sold or given away a single book. Sounds crazy right? Actually it has been extremely useful. When Mr.Urbanhomesteadnz moved in with me he also brought in tow Miss now 7, then 4, and I quickly became awesome because I had kids books we could read together. Now with Little Man they are getting even more use. 

How many books exactly? I counted them once and there was 200+ eeek. 

They have been such a great resource though, books that I had “borrowed” off my mother suddenly had a purpose. 

If you manage to get your hands on a copy of this, cherish it because it is such an amazing tool to have on the urban homesteading or self-sufficiency journey. 

Most of my books have come from second hand book shops and I have found Readers Digest ones are like striking gold. These two I picked up for less than $10.

I have got books on NZ weeds, Arable crops, Aromatherapy, Health, Biology, Chemistry, Cooking, Spirituality, Religion, Art, Music and even Engineering mathematics. It is essentially a mini library. But one of my best and biggest tools. 

How have I built up my resource collection?

Books don’t have to cost much, or anything at all. 

-Frequently visit second-hand bookshops or just second-hand shops, Books here are usually $4-5. 

-Join community groups such as neighbourly, people frequently give away books and they may just have something you are interested in. 

– Family, I know it sounds bad but raid your families bookshelves. You will be surprised the topics they have books on. Sorry mum, I may have a few of your gardening books. 

Why build up a resource of books?

I love the internet, I love technology, it is great and a great way to learn new things. But I sit at a computer all day for work, last thing I want to do is read articles on a screen when I get home. 

Also there is no guarantee that we are always going to have access to internet and all those resources we depend on will be lost. There is also something magical about turning off all technology and sitting in the gardwn reading a good book. The internet only covers so much, not everything has been digitized and there are a lot of useful skills that have been lost to technology. 

If you have nothing better to do this Sunday I would suggest a book hunt. Grab a few bucks and go on a hunt for a book like no other. 


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