I love the Rain.

When I was little there was this song my parents used to listen to, I’m not sure who it is by but it went “I like the rain, when it pitter patters on my window pane, makes the garden grow and the rivers flow and everything green again. That’s why I like the rain.”

Anyway our spring is looking like a very wet spring instead of our normal crazy strong winds. I took the day off work on Monday to get five loads of washing done and dried. Our first completely fine day in a long time, and only full fine day this week. But rain isn’t all bad, it washes away the aphids, it makes your spinach grow like crazy and I like to think it washes away any bad energy that may have accumulated.

Spring is always the time of new beginnings, new life, new adventures. Rain I think helps with that.

I’m not a fan of gardening in the rain, something about being cold and wet just really doesn’t appeal to me. I’d rather be inside, baking, crafting, drawing, painting, or my favorite reading. But while I’m inside doing these things the garden keeps growing, and things are starting to look really rather messy. I’m hoping I will get a fine day soon where I will be able to get out and tidy everything up as well as plant some new things.

I love free stuff like the next person and well my work has actually proven to be pretty great and providing me with things I didn’t have in my garden. I first acquired Leeks (which are still in the gardening getting close to harvesting), and spinach (which is growing beautifully and being eaten by us). Then recently I acquired mint, which will remain potted as it spreads like wild fire and I highly doubt my landlords would appreciate their garden being taken over by the stuff.

Next is something I recommend to everyone, I’m not the most social person but joining your local gardening group is probably the best move any urban homesteader could do.Not only is it anamazing resources of knowledge but people may even be generous enough to say gift you cuttings from their own wonderful gardens. The admin of a gardening group I belong to was particularly lovely to me, today I had that exciting moment of receiving a parcel full of goodies. Cuttings of Rosemary, Blackberry, Black grape and Green grape and a Raspberry plant and a Boysenberry plant. I paid the postage but essentially they were free and from successful hardy plants. 

I’ve never grown from cuttings before but have faint memories of friends of my mums propagating plants from cuttings collected almost everywhere on their window sills. So my kitchen window sill has again become a glass house and I am feeling excited once again about my garden and my plans to be more self-sufficient. 

In other news, the chickpea plants have been planted out replacing the peas which got eaten by snails 😦 The potatoes we threw in the groiund have all grown into plants and now I am wondering if it is at all possible to spread them out more and what I should do to get big beautiful potatoes. The Romanesco Broccoli are flowering and have served as quite the treat for the local bees not to mention the beautiful bright yellow fowers. 

The Kumara have sprouted well one half so far. Next step is learning what I do next.

While it rains and I am hiding inside this pot has become temporary home to things that need planting so the Raspberry, Mint and Boysenberry. 

I’m not sure what to do with the bigger sprigs of rosemary, for now they are in water on a windowsill. Another decision is do I harvest and dry some Oregano as it is getting a tad out of hand.

What’s my next adventure? I’m not really sure, What are my plans for the garden? well they need to be looked at and reassessed. 


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