I’m one of those weird seemingly freak of nature type of people these days who has never to this day had a cavity or had to have a drill in my mouth. At 11 years old I got an award at school for not having any like it was some sort of achievement that I put a massive amount of effort into. Truth is I haven’t at all, I was the kid that would get money off my dad regularly to buy lollies from the Four Square (convenience store), spent all my pocket money on lollies and was rather fond of fizzy drink (to my mother’s dislike). I did brush my teeth morning and night however. But our drinking water was also non-fluoridated.

Anyway since leaving home I got rather slack with my oral hygiene twice a day with flossing turned into once a day and flossing became less frequent, but I still had no issues. I drank copious amounts of sugary drinks, ate copious amounts of sugary foods and still no issues. Then I got pregnant.

I still don’t have any cavities but my gums and teeth definitely took a beating. My teeth became semi transparent, apparently that is caused by the baby leaching calcium from your teeth (teeth are the first part of your body to start being depleted of minerals when you are lacking anything). Over time post-partum the teeth regained their normal density however my gums were still devastated and it is common knowledge that gums have a huge effect on your teeth health.

Anyway I tried a few things; coconut oil pulling (which did help but I wasn’t a fan of), homemade remineralizing toothpaste (made from crushed egg shells, my grinding skills were very poor), using mouth wash to brush my teeth. Then came the day I accidently threw out my partners tooth brush. All hell broke loose, I was having a cleaning binge as you do of the bathroom and I threw out the wrong tooth brush. It was like someone had died. I never realised how important a particular tooth brush could be to a person. Anyway situation resolved we went and brought him a new identical toothbrush to his old one which I was given to inspect so I would understand as to why it was so special.


I was sold, the bristles were so fine then were almost hair like. Immediately I wanted one, thinking maybe my own toothbrush (though supposedly soft) was too rough on my gums. So in the groceries we got me one, I am in love. My gums are now healing, they don’t bleed when I brush them, my teeth don’t hurt anymore.

So what makes this toothbrush so special; the super fine bristles are infused with charcoal. Yes you heard right charcoal, which is known for killing plaque and helping to remove it. I was a little worried it wouldn’t clean as well because of how soft it is but it is amazing, cleans perfectly.

You can find more information about it on the colgate website here.

Photos credit to google (didn’t have time to take my own this time).


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