Dreams, Money, Skills

When I left high school I wanted to be an artist. I was 17 years old lived in a very small town and probably had the potential to do a lot more with my life. But I wanted to be an artist, not just any artist but one that lives and breaths her art, is well-known, well-travelled and interesting. 

I left home and moved to our capital city to study Fine Art at Massey University. I’m not sure if it was the sudden change of environment, the freedom of leaving home, negative influences I clung to during that stage of my life but I completely lost control of everything and by the end of that year I was completely lost and didn’t see myself as talented at art in any way. 

I moved home, I rekindled the negative influence in my life and I just stopped drawing or anything art related all together. I could have been the person I dreamed of being but I wasn’t in the right head space. 

Eventually my career took the path of my second passion science and I became a Lab Tech. A part of me still dreams of my original life but I also know it would have been a lot harder path to take and I probably wouldn’t have met my partner or have little man. 

Any way I recently decided to start doing side line portraits from photographs to see if I could actually do it and to get my drawing back up to scratch. I am only charging a measly $10 per A4 drawing but so far I have had four requests. I have started two so far and am hoping to get them finished by the end of the week. But it just shows that if you have something you enjoy doing or are talented at sometimes biting the bullet and putting yourself out there can open up opportunities that you never thought possible. 


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