Saturday’s are awesome right?

This is a bit of a rant but I am sure all parents have been through this. 

My beautiful, clever, quiet baby is no more. I took for granted all that time where he was the most well behaved baby anyone who met him had ever met. It didn’t last. 

Little Man is fast approaching one year old and with it he has developed a skill for driving his mother close to insanity. For so long he was a quiet, happy, cuddly baby. At 10 weeks he started sleeping through the night, he travelled well, played well, ate well, listened and responded. 

With his new sense of self he has become that kid you see in the supermarket throwing a complete tantrum while the mother just keeps walking looking absolutely defeated and like she really could just walk out of the store go to the nearest bar and get comatose drunk. 

Please excuse any spelling or grammer issues I am in the throws of a migraine and can’t actually see what I am writing. 

So what is he doing? Well nothing too unusual opening every cupboard and pulling everything out, ignoring us (as in we will say his name, or tell him not to do something and get a big smile and he does it anyway). Not too unusual but we had it so good that this behaviour is a shock to my system. 

He has always settled so easily now getting him to sleep is like trying to wrestle medusa’s snakes into a hat that is way too small. zIt doesn’t help that he is stronger than me. Yes you heard that right, my under one year old is somehow stronger than me. He has abs for gods sake, calf muscles like an olympic rower and the arms of a weight lifter. Definitely doesn’t get it from me. 

Today has gone like this:

– 6.30am Little Man wakes up

– I get him up, change him and we start watching cartoons together (normally his dad does this shift but I thought Id let him sleep in for once) .

– We play on the floor with his toys, chatting away all happy but he was a little confused as to the change in routine.

– He decides he wants cuddles so we lie on the couch together, he starts getting grummpy. Licks me face and tries to bite my collar bone. 

– I make him a bottle and some toast, he eats the toast then lies back down with me having his bottle. He falls asleep.

– I put him back in bed and as soon as he hits the matress all hell breaks lose. He can see dad, Dad is asleep but there is light coming through the curtains. He decides it is time to scream the neighborhood down. Waking dad. 

– Dad tries to settle him, gives up and swaddles him like a newborn. 

-Finally he falls back to sleep after protesting for quite some time. 

This isn’t then end of it. 

Later on after lunch we pop into town to grab a few things that we needed. Little Man and I wait in the car because he is tired again, I have an inner ear issue which is making everything swirl when I move and act semi like I am drunk at times and town is extremely busy. I turned around in the car to find he has managed to get one arm out of his carseat restraint and is attempting to push the button that completely unclasps him (luckily it is kiddy proofed, for now at least). We go to a different shop and I need to grab some things so we all go in Dad carrying him trying to be as fast as possible because someone is complaining he is tired. On the way home he falls asleep in the car. Get him home change him, pop him into bed and again all hell breaks loose. 

I now have a migraine on top of the inner ear thing and half of my time today has been spent trying to get a child who has decided he is too grown up for naps to have a nap because he was tired. Oh and pacifiers are also too baby like for him now too. 

And he is still awake an hour and a half after I first put him into bed.


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