Mac n Cheese in the pressure is possible

I love Mac n Cheese like most people but it does take time to make and that is something I am short of. 

how is it done well I did the whole trial and error thing. 

In the pressure cooker I threw a packet (yes a whole packet) of macaroni, some milk, some water,some butter and some cheese. 

Chucked the lid on and then let it cook until steam started letting off steam but not at pressure (pasta doesn’t need to reach pressure) then vented immediately. It didn’t look good to be honest but I kept going. Threw in some cornflour stirred threw add more cheese (to taste), salt and some American mustard sauce. Done. 

Let it cool, mashed a little and taste tested it on Little Man and it has his seal of approval. The rest (except the amount I ate straight out of the pot, couldn’t resist) has gone into the freezer bags for those days where cooking dinner seems like a chore. All I’ll have to cook up is some vege and some meat if we want it. 


4 thoughts on “Mac n Cheese in the pressure is possible

  1. Try the microwave instructions on the box – so quick, so easy! I can’t believe I’ve been boiling it all these years. Extra cheese powder (if desired) is available at places like Bulk Barn. 😀


    1. haha we like to do things from scratch plus packet mac n cheese is extremely over priced in NZ. Plus we use real cheese, real milk. So much better taste than cheese powder, country of cows why would we use powdered cheese.


    2. Also we don’t have the likes of cosco, bulk barn, wallmart etc. here. Good old fashioned green grocers, butcheries and bread shops still exist and are very popular as well as growing your own vegies, home kill meat is amazing, and even farmgate milk. Flavour difference is huge, and you don’t get all the synthetic additives.


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