Today has really felt like spring and with spring we spring into action right?

As cheesy as that is today we did 7km walk around town, it didn’t seem that far but when you are strolling along you really don’t notice how quickly these things add up. 

On that note I have decided to do what I enjoy a little more. If you follow my facebook page for the blog you would already know that I’ve signed up to do a National Certificate in Horticulture through The Openpolytechnic. What you probably didn’t know is I am already studying through them towards a Certicate in Quality Assurance. 

I am exactly half way through this course and have gotten all A’s so far. So why the change? Well summer is coming and I really don’t want to be stuck inside writing boring assignments on something I do at work almost every day. The plan is I’m going to finish the papers I am currently working on by the end of the month and start the horticulture course next month. It has practical components which is exciting because it will help establish my garden and homesteading even more. 

Best part is it is fee free, of course you have to buy extra materials but there are no fees and the course recently won an award. 

I will start back up my two final papers for Quality Assurance in January and have gained an extra qualification in the process.Now just to be accepted for the course.


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