Gardening Box – Water Features

Card number 7.

Water can be used as a mirror or for the beauty of its movement, but the two cannot be combined since clear reflection depends upon the stillness of the surface. 

A fountain playing into a pool can be delightful, but it will destroy the reflections. Fountains can be of many different types, single jet, multiple jet or simply of the bubbling variety. 

Almost all moving water effects are possible, even in auite small gardens,by the use of an electrically operated pump which recirculates the water. 

If water is used formally, the basin or pool should contribute to the design. By contrast, an informal pool should appear as natural as possible, with plants, turf or rocks concealing any masonry or plastic sheeting used in its construction. 

Water can also be used as a medium in which to keep plants and fish. Both benefit from the presence of the other, the fish findibg shelter beneath the plants and helping to keep the water clean and healthy. Both plants and fish do best in still or very slowly moving water. 

Always provide an ‘overflow’, either as a low point suitably concealed in the bank or built in to the drainage system to prevent damage to the surrounds in periods of heavy rain. 

For further information see Card 21 and Cards 24 to 31.


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