Gardening Box – Statues and Ornaments

Card number 6.

These can be used either as focal points to catch the eye and form the central feature in the garden picture, or be tucked away so that one comes upon them as delightful surprises. Light-coloured statues and ornaments look well against a background of dark evergreen foliage or when reflected in water. 

Ornaments can be of many kinds (see also Card 20). Large vases or jars of stone, asbestos cement or terra-cotta make attractive plant containers. Excellent reproductions of these can be purchased, and some really imaginative garden ornaments are now cast in concrete and asbestos cement. (Showing the cards age, please avoid asbestos as it is now known to cause serious health issues).

Natural rocks are often beautiful gathered from creeks and river beds Japanese gardeners make imaginative use of natural objects of this kind. Large pieces of drift-wood can also be attractive. 

Ornaments and stayues should be used sparingly and placed carefully. Too many give a cluttered appearance, dividing instead of concentrating attention. 

Bird baths and sundials are popular ornaments. The first needs to be placed where it can be viewed from the house without disturbing the birds, but a sundial should obviously be put in the open. Always try to set the dial so that it really does indicate the time. 


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