Gardening Box – Screens, Arches, Pergolas

Card number 5

Screens can be used to give extra privacy or shelter to some part of the garden or to divide it into sections, and they are particularly useful as a partial surround for a terrace or patio. Thry can be made of wood in any one of a number of designs, open, solid or louvred, and finished with paint. 

Pre-cast pierced concrete blocks have become popular for this purpose and are available in a large variety of patterns ( see also card 17). Full particulars and illustrated brochures are available from various manufacturers and Cement and Concrete Associations. 

Arches may give elevation in the garden where, for various reasons, this cannot be achieved by a tree. They can be of wood or metal; timber of 3 in. by 2 in. section is suitable for their construction. All wood should be treated with a preservation harmless to plants, such as copper naphthenate, and the uprights should be embedded in soil or concriete (see also Card 263).

Pergolas are covered walks like a continuous series of arches. Up-rights may be of wood, brick or concrete blocks, but the cross members are usually of timber. If made of timber, the uprights could be of 4 in. by 4 in. section and should be treated with preservative. The cross members of 4 in. by 2 in. timber on edge for widths up to 6 ft. 


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