Super Easy Pressure Cooker Beef Stroganoff

My seal arrived, tested it out with just water and then decided Beef Stroganoff sounded like a good test run meal.

How did it go? Well brilliantly!

I did cheat a little I used a Maggi packet but the whole point of this was to test the pressure cooker not my cooking ability. 

Did I follow the packet? Do I ever follow the packet haha. 

So I diced everything:

Then browned the onion and beef in a little olive oil in the pressure cooker.

For dicing I suggest good knives like my partners from when he studied chefing:

But shhhh I am not supposed to use them because they are apparently too sharp. 

I then added the mushrooms, maggi packet, and some paprika and a clove of garlic and two cups of water. (the less water, the quicker your pressure cooker will reach pressure. But each has a minimum amount required so ensure

I then chucked the lid on, with it over a medium heat. Let it reach pressure and then let it sit for about 10 minutes, then turned off the heat and vented immediately. 

Here I stirred in the sour cream and let it reduce a little while the spinach fettuccine cooked. Then served it up in bowls.

So what is my evaluation:

Well the meat is tender and full of flavour, the onions are melt in your mouth, the mushrooms are cooked to perfection and the sauce has more flavour than any stroganoff I have ever eaten in my life. 

It was quick, easy and to be honest the slowest part was cooking the pasta. 

Tips for next time:

-cook the pasta while the pressure cooker is going.

-add carrots 🙂 

-make from scratch

I am officially 100% sold on pressure cooking and mine cost me less than $50 for both it and the new seal. 


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