I am not a health nut

There are many blogs out there on how to be healthy and there is an aspect to homesteading the almost requires you to be in search of a healthier life style. 

I am not a health nut, she says as she sits scoffing a bag of Burger Rings and takes a sip of her lemon flavoured fizzy drink. All the while searching the net for the perfect lemon, ginger and turmeric iced tea recipe to help with inflammation. 

I write blogs about healthy food and alternative to medications but if on any day of the week you were to walk through my door you would easily find me eating a whole family sized block of chocolate or some other highly processed junk food. It isn’t that I am hypocrite quite the opposite really. I post about what could help others, no one really wants to hear about how a woman who has a fast metabolism struggled for several years to reach 60kgs (I’m 181cm tall) under the care of dietitions and not for lack of eating. When I did reach 60 though I got pregnant which saw my weight actually get into the 70’s and has now plateaued back at 65kg which I’m happy with. 

No one who is looking for a healthier life style wants to read about that. You want good, solid tips and tricks to getting your body to be at its peak physical and mental wellbeing. If I were to share my exact diet there would be numerous people who end up very very sick. So I don’t go on and on saying I don’t normally eat breakfast, I have had cookies for breakfast, I have sugar every day and my body needs fat to survive. 

What I am trying to get at is according to societies ideas of what we should all eat I probably should be an over weight, diabetic, who is extremely unwell. Instead I haven’t had the flu in two years, I get told I’m too skinny by strangers, but reality is I am healthy. 

How? I listened to my body, my body needs carbs, protein and fats and a lot of them. 

I’ve tried the whole mostly vegetable no fat stuff to try be more healthy and I ended up with extremely low blood sugar and very very unwell. Diets don’t work unless they are designed for you. Your body is unique so your diet will be too. 

I don’t eat McDonald’s anymore though, for starters when I practically lived off the stuff I lost more weight than I have ever had and since having baby it just doesn’t agree with me at all. Not sure what it is about that place but their food just has no substance to it at all. 

My advice: listen to your own body and find what works for you. Not everything will, and some things will surprise you but most of all enjoy yourself and enjoy your life. Stressing over being healthy defeats the purpose of trying to be healthy.


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