DIY Drive Band for spinning wheel

Whilst browsing trademe I noticed someone selling for around $20 each (what they called) polycord drive bands. To me it looked more like line trimmer line. 

After a trip to mitre 10 mega and $4-5 later I have a very strong very effective new drive band for my spinning wheel. It doesn’t slip or stretch and is really easy to do. 

Cut the line to the length you need (I used the old temporary cotton string drive band I had made). Put in place on the wheel holding the two ends and melt the ends together. I got my partner to hold the ends while I held the lighter. Push the ends together, allow to cool and then test to see if it is actually stuck together properly. 

That is it. 

The person selling this stuff on trademe must be making a killing because for $5 you get 15metres and I have heaps left over. We went for a size that will also fit our line trimmer that way there isn’t any waste.

Finally managed to successfully spin 500g cotton fibre tonight, can’t wait to do some more Plarn. See my previous post on plarn (plastic yarn) for instructions. 


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