Introducing the Gardening Box

So awhile back I started adding recipes from a recipe card box my Nana gave me, under the category Raiding the Recipe box. I still have a long way to go with that and will start posting one a day from each. 

My partner noticed this awhile ago at our local Red Cross shop but I didn’t take much notice. Today while out walking/playing pokemon go (Yes, I was a 90’s child) we stopped in to ‘just have a look’ and of course I stopped it and for $4 I couldn’t resist.

It needs a good clean and a lot of the cards aren’t in order, my job for this evening. But now that I have realised I know very little about gardening I think this is going to be a great resource. I’ll do this box a bit differently from the other which I select at random with these I think I will go in order.

Happy reading everyone, hopefully the weather where you are is a bit calmer and warmer then it is here this weekend.  


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