Gardening Box – Surveying, Paper Plans

This is card 1 in the Hamlyn Gardening Cards Box. 

To enable a reasonably accurate plan of the garden to be drawn, it is necessary first to make a rough sketch of the plot, showing the boundaries, house and all permanent features such as buildings, paths and trees. Then, take the dimensions of these features and note them on the plan. 

The house is the most important feature and can be located by taking measurements from the two ends of the plot of land, keeping in line with the wall of the house and noting the distances from house to the boundary where this measurement occurs. This information is then used to draw the plan to scale, using graph paper, ruler and pencil. 

By placing a piece of transparent paper over the basic plan it is possible to sketch in your various ideas before recording them finally on paper.

Where the ground is falling steeply or is uneven you may wish to find the difference in the levels. Reasonable results may be achieved by setting a spirit level on bricks or blocks of timber at a convenient height on the high point and sighting over the level to another piece of timber held vertically by a friend. The friend marks the ‘line of sight’ on the timber and after subtracting the height of the spirit level and bricks the remaining distance is the difference in level between the two points. 


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