The Forever Organised Mummy Myth

I’m a fan and follow several organisational blogs, there is something calming about the pictures they post of their immaculately manicured homes, children, husbands and pets. Everything is beautifully laid out, their blog, their lives. But there is something I have noticed that is different between me and them. Maybe it is why my house isn’t spotless, my child will at times have food on his face and my partner definitely doesn’t have his life meticulously planned out by me. That difference is they tend to be stay at home mums.

I’m not making excuses here, I could do more than what I do. But reality is I work casual (up to 24 hours a week), I am studying two semesters worth of coursework at once, my partner is at home during the day on the days I’m not at work and I think playing with my baby is far more important than having everything spotless.

I know you are probably reading this because you want that wonderfully organised lifestyle as well, and if you have gotten this far I hope you won’t be disappointed when I say if you are in a similar situation to me than this dream is not going to become a reality easily. I really only have my evenings once Little Man is in bed to do anything that I want/need to do. Why? Well because my partner doesn’t like staying around at home, it isn’t just when I’m home it is any time at all. When I am at work he goes out walking with Little Man, or if it is a day like today he had people over. Don’t get me wrong it is rather frustrating at times because when I get home from work, I can’t just sit down and relax because I have to do everything that I would’ve in the past done on my days off. In comparison he gets home from work and I have cooked, cleaned, done my course work, looked after Little Man and am absolutely pooped.

So what is a girl to do when everything seems to be working against her dreams of being organised and tidy? Well giving up would be the easy option, but instead I am researching methods of time-squeezing. Sounds like an odd term but it comes from the fact that we humans are capable of effectively multitasking. Think of it this way, never just do one thing at a time or if it requires dedicated focus (such as my course assignments) allocate a specific time for it. Last night I managed to do 90% of an assignment in 4 hours, when our course information stated that we should do 40 hours over 4 weeks towards it. I don’t know about you but that seems rather excessive for a statistics paper. I have done the same thing for all my previous assignments and have received A+ for all of them.

It is good to have plans, but remember that each time you are solely writing up a plan for a specific task you are in fact using time in which you could have done something else.

In other words the key to a forever organised home, family, life is time. Not how much you have of it but how you use it. If you are after examples of efficient time use look up Japanese life hacks. Why Japanese? because the Japanese have amazing high standards for their work and themselves.



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