Winter Gardening

I will admit that like my blog winter has taken a toll on my garden. My partner thinks I’m a reptile because I seem to always be cold (poor circulation) but now I’m thinking there may be some truth to it. When the sun is out and it is nice and warm I am highly motivated. Not just in the garden but in life in general, then along comes winter and I go into a sort of hibernation. If I could stay wrapped up in front of a fire with good food on constant supply and a library of books at my side I would be a very very happy girl. Reality is that is pretty much what winters were in my childhood, either that or we were off on some adventure around the country. Growing up I had the morning sun bedroom, as in my room was lovely and sunny in the morning and in winter I would be quite happy staying in bed until lunch reading a book or listening to music. My mum didn’t complain it gave her time to either do the same or time to do the things she needed to do without me getting under her feet. Anyway it seems as though sunshine seems to have an extreme effect on my energy levels and considering we are having very little sunshine lately and our house was  not in any way built for the sun my motivation is lacking greatly.


The garden is doing wonderfully, maybe a little more wild than I would like but going out and wedding in pouring rain or freezing cold really doesn’t appeal to me. We do have three cauliflower heads developing and 27 Italian Broccoli (we won’t be buying broccoli for a long time), carrots are getting bigger. The beans and peas have finally died off, but now comes the task of planting the next crops. I have leeks and spinach still growing in our kitchen that really need transferring outside, and I have some garlic sprouting as well. I’d like to plant more cauliflowers, more carrots, maybe a few onions or potatoes (late crops).

Watching a gardening program this morning they showed a lovely glass house and the bonuses of having one. I am sold. All year round growing, shelter from the rain (for me), and a great place to start off seedlings or grow sprouts. The problem is they aren’t cheap so my new goal is to try and find a way of creating my own human sized glass house cheapily.

I will post some ideas I find on our facebook page for those interested

I’ll be honest when it comes to gardening in winter I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I know at the beginning of winter you plant annual crops that will produce food later in the year but what do you do the rest of the time?

Homesteading in winter is something completely well unknown to me, I don’t have animals (chickens, goats etc.) So what do I do? I spin, I crochet, I cook and well I eat. But it really feels like I should be doing more, because with this slump of activity our costs have also gone up. Instead of producing our own food and being busy taking care of that I find myself watching way too much television and floundering around the internet trying to find what I am supposed to be doing as an urban homesteader in winter. If you have stumbled across this on the same mission please share with me anything you have found so far because I am not having much luck.

We don’t get snow where I am but this is a beautiful Snowy Village in Corsica I was lucky enough to visit when I was 15.



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