Vegetarian “Meatballs”

I was one of those kids that refused to eat my vegetables, I grew up in a vegie shop and still refused and now I grow my own and make vegetarian meatballs. It’s pretty impressive how people change.

Any this is a pretty versatile recipe, you can add in pretty much any vegetable combination you like or have on hand.


mushrooms (your preference as to how many or kind)

a carrot (grated)

2 eggs

4 cloves garlic (or not, if you don’t like garlic)

1 cup of quick oats

1/2 breadcrumbs

milk/water/oil to make the consistancy right

Cook the mushrooms, garlic and anything else you wish to add cooked (maybe onion). Then put into a bowl big enough to fit everything, mix everything together until its a sticky mixture as in only slightly too damp to roll into balls (remember to add in any herbs spices etc. at this stage and mix thoroughly. Cover and place in fridge for 30mins to an hour to improve consistency leave over night.

When ready to cook fry or bake until browned, then either pour over spaghetti sauce and simmer or I placed mine in a bowl of pre-made spaghetti sauce to let the flavours mingle. I then added spaghetti and reheated the whole lot together. If you didn’t know already re-heated pasta is supposedly better for you. I cannot remember why but I read an article about it in a newspaper here not that long ago.

For the sauce I did a really basic tomato sauce. To two cups of chicken stock I added tomato paste until the taste was what I wanted. I left it simple because my “meatballs” had a lot of flavour and letting them rest in the sauce allowed for the flavours to ooze out into the sauce. It’s quite simple dish and unlike many “vegetarian meatballs” that claim they are the normal consistency and turn out like rubber these actually are the exact consistency of normal meatballs to the point you can very really fool a carnivore (like me).


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