Interesting people have hobbies and collections

I’m back!!! Sorry for being a way for a while and not bombarding you with posts on the large variety of topics I seem to be covering, I haven’t actually been anywhere I have just been a tad slack, a tad down and a tad busy.

I have a few posts in the works though so get prepared to be bombarded again, I promise I will try to keep things interesting and a bit different.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that homesteading is a hobby but in a way it is as well. It is something you have to have a passion and desire for to be able to do it successfully which is a lot like having a hobby. In this day of technology and internet I constantly hear the younger adults that are coming through complaining that they have nothing to do, purely because their friends are busy or the town they live in doesn’t have any major activities that are appealing to young adults and of course there are always the issues of money or in our countries case a societal habit that means that to be social people think that alcohol has to be involved. I recently had a lunch time discussion about this at work with some new New Zealanders, I say that because I wouldn’t class them as foreigners they have been here long enough to have residency, permanent jobs and have set up their lives here but they weren’t born here or grew up here.

Our country has some serious flaws that only can be seen by outsiders and they went along these lines:

  • New Zealanders aren’t easy to make close friends with
  • New Zealanders don’t organise social events that don’t involve drinking alcohol
  • New Zealanders don’t share as openly with their friends as other cultures

I hate to say it but all these statements are very very true, New Zealanders (not all of course) can be really rather boring in comparison to other cultures. I personally have experienced all of the above and I was born here, so I can only imagine how hard it must be for someone new to this country to adjust to our weird ways. Don’t get me wrong I was the same as a young adult my life revolved around drinking with “friends” almost every weekend or any other opportunity we got. I have been lucky enough to have friends in my life though that are a bit more open than the average friend but at the same time there is a certain amount of self-filtering needed to avoid the whole world knowing your personal business. I’m not so much a private person when it comes to health, money, or issues that arise because I believe these things should be discussed. But relationships are in a completely separate boat all together, I learnt that the hard way.

Any way I see both of these issues as a result of a lack of interesting people, or maybe we just keep our interesting sides way too close to our hearts. Either way this can be solved I believe by people taking up hobbies and well a lot of the aspects of homesteading at some point or another been considered as hobbies. I am not a very social person, I never have been so in place of friends a lot of the time I have had hobbies. As a kid I collected stamps; go ahead laugh, reality is stamp collecting is a very easy hobby but it can be very interesting and actually very profitable if you manage to get your hands on the right stamps, actually get your tweezers on to them because the oils in your hands can damage stamps lowering their worth. I also collected Gemstones; quartz, fool’s gold, tigers eye, jasper, anything pretty really. But my all time biggest and most interesting collection is books, I’m currently on a book buying ban as I own more than 200 books most of which I have read. Except a few recent ones my partner brought me, thanks to him I now own every single book written by my favourite author Mo Hayder.

I guess in a way though I collect hobbies too, I knit, crochet, bake/cook, read, write, draw, I even enjoy building model cars. Anyway I’m not sure how this topic came about but I was thinking about the interesting people I have met in my life and all of them have had some sort of hobby or collection. Whether it is collecting hot wheels cars, or your hobby is travelling to new and exciting places any hobby or collection automatically adds depth to your character. I will say though “drinking” is not a hobby unless you collect wines or aged whiskeys etc. and when you drink them it is purely to enjoy your collection rather than drinking to be social.

So if you have a teenager or a young adult or a child even in your house that is complaining they are bored or that there is nothing to do or that no one wants to do anything with them 100% of the time. Encourage them to find a hobby or start a hobby group or even start a collection because not only will it keep them busy and not complaining but it will add to their character; plus they might learn something useful.



One thought on “Interesting people have hobbies and collections

  1. Things aren’t much different in the US, young people spend most of their time in bars or get together to drink more often than any other activity. We also are so wrapped up in our own lives that we no longer even know our neighbors.

    I loved your sharing of your hobbies. I too have hobbies. My gardens are one of the hobbies that takes much work to provide me with my food but it’s fun as well. In addition I cross stitch, crochet and restore furniture. These are the things I enjoy doing regardless if any money can be made from them but but like you my biggest collections and the one thing I can’t live without are books.

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