Distraction, procrastination, truth

I’ve been a tad slack lately, not just with this blog but in general. I’ve been lacking energy, motivation and just the general desire to do anything at all.

I could’ve come up with some amazing informative post today. Or I could’ve cleaned the house or done my latest course assignment. I could’ve baked, I could’ve put together the scrapbook of photos of Little Man’s life so far but instead on this rainy day I played with my baby and drew this :


Truth is I haven’t been well for a wee while. You know you see those mum’s that bounce back from having a baby seemingly the next day and are just absolute machines. I’m not one of them, I have had my moments where I felt I was back to normal but lately that hasn’t been the case. So today I started on an iron supplement. I’ve never been iron deficient in my life before but with my hormones still being a mess (I think that is it) womanly things aren’t exactly “normal” and so after finding out that all the symptoms I’ve been having lately are signs of iron issues I decided to be proactive and take a supplement.

I hate pills, I hate supplements. I was under a dietitian for three years in an attempt to gain weight (yes, you read right) and learnt that if you have a balanced diet supplements are completely pointless. I’m on medication for my heart which I will likely be on for the rest of my life and I hate taking those so taking anything else as well is just plain annoying.

Hopefully in a few days I’ll have my spring back in my step. On top of that I have recently downloaded a water intake app which reminds you when to drink, woman are apparently bad at drinking the amount of water we need in a day because we get busy or distracted. The first few days I stuck to it religiously and did make a big difference, no low blood pressure symptoms, skin started to clear up etc. I would definitely recommend getting a water intake app to everyone, specially highly active people or anyone with low blood pressure problems.

Any way fingers crossed I will be back to normal soon and be posting regularly again.

Happy homesteading, happy gardening 🙂


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