Growing Mushrooms

I love mushrooms!
To the point that I will buy mushrooms just so I can have them cooked in butter and on toast. Being in NZ though foraging for them can be quite dangerous as the majority of fungi we have in this country are poisonous.

I have fond memories of foraging for forest mushrooms in Six-Fours in France when I was 15 but here I think I’ve only successfully picked paddock mushrooms which had to be closely inspected by my mother before we cooked and ate them to make sure they were the edible variety. So instead we buy them, supermarket ones I’m not a big fan of I’m not sure why but they tend to lack flavour.

I’ve done a bit of reading into how to grow your own and growing from spores looked extremely complicated. So I looked into alternatives and found a method where you can use wood shavings and mycelium from store brought mushrooms, so of course I’m giving it a go.

I threw some wood shavings in a empty baby formula tin wetted down with water. Then grabbed some mycelium (the white stringing bits that go between the mushroom head and the stalk) broke them up a little and mixed them through the wood shavings. Put the lid on and put in a warm spot. Now this is where I’m not sure whether I should have the lid on or off.

I guess now I just check on it every do often and see what happens.

The mushrooms are in the closed tin.

As you can see I have run out of room on our kitchen window sill.


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