Being weird is worth it.

Generations past have prided themselves on conformity and people have gone to great lengths to fit in to societies norms.

I believe I am extremely lucky to have not grown up in these eras where creativity, weirdness and individuality was frowned upon.  Now the worlds craves anything different, creativity is highly praised and valuable, and individuality is something we all strive for.

Weirdness does still get frowned upon by some, usually those who have lived sheltered lives or older generations that haven’t quite adjusted to societies new norms.

In our household weirdness is the norm. We encourage everyone we know to be however they feel comfortable.

I will admit though that at times we have put aside our true selves purely to get by. A good example of this would be my partner working nights stacking shelves. In no way what so ever did it allow him to express who he truly is. At times it can be a real struggle because one half of you wants to be able to provide your family with a comfortable life while the other half of you is craving to just be let loose but your job doesn’t allow you to do so.

The purpose of this post is don’t ever give up on your dreams, don’t ever give up on being who you are because eventually it will pay off.
Stand out from the crowd and you will be noticed. Being noticed takes you places, so be weird, be creative, be yourself.

Mr Urbanhomesteadnz/ my partner will no longer be working nights in two weeks and instead will be working for a NZ company that loves individuality. On top of that he is going to be given the opportunity to be trained in a managerial role. He applied for the position last thursday night, friday they rang asking for an interview, Saturday he had two interviews back to back and then monday he found out that out of 119 applicants he got the job. He stood out from the rest by being himself.

It may seem like a small win, but to us it is a huge win because it means no more sleepless nights, I am still able to work around his hours and the time we get to spend together will no longer be taken up by him needing to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Being weird is worth it.

  1. Being different, and weird is great, I never wanted to follow trends, or fads, and always wanted to have my own individuality. I love your blog, and we have a lot of weirdness in this house at times, but that is who we are! I love your art, and your blogs, it seems we have similar taste and thinking. I will be looking forward to hearing and seeing more my fellow blogger.

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