Drawing Audrey Hepburn

It is my opinion that everyone has to have a hobby. I have plenty but drawing has always been my favourite. I got alcohol markers last year while I was pregnant and hadn’t really tried them out. I love drawing people but generally attempt people that aren’t so famous. That way if I make a mistake no one notices.

Anyway here is the progression.

Started off pretty good


Added a bit more detail and took a clearer photo


Added the nose.

Now this is where I should have left it for the night.
Up until this point I had been going off a picture on google images.
Then my computer shut down and I lost the image.


So I make up the other eye. Its larger the eyebrow is ok but the eye is too big. This is again where I should have stopped.


Attempted to correct it.



End result, well the eye is less noticeable but she sort looks as though she was punched in the face.
What do you think?


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