Super Woman – Super Mum

Every mum strives to be the perfect mum, a super mum in fact for her child. But to be honest it isn’t something I started off believing I was when Little Man was born. Looking back at the first few weeks of having him home, I really doubted myself, I was nervous and unsure about absolutely everything and I did have a few melt down moments. Sleep deprivation and me have never ever been friends and probably never will. I’m used to being a 10hour a night person, which may seem like a lot to most people but because of my heart condition it takes my body a lot more time to recover from even a normal days activities then most people. Any way being a super mum seemed like such a far away, impossible thing but my partner kept telling me I was doing well and that it would get better and it has. Sure there are still some sleepless nights but I can honestly say I have settled into being a mum and I am thoroughly enjoying it. No matter how hard a day I’ve had or how little sleep Little Man’s cheeky smile and cuddles has the magical ability to wipe that all away.

Our children see us as super hero’s purely for showing them love, giving them attention and being ourselves. Yet for some odd reason we strive to be more, it’s not that odd really. We want the best for our families and we want to be able to provide them with a comfortable, safe and happy life. Because of that we push ourselves, but we are always our own worst critics and there will be many a moment as a parent where you feel guilty because things aren’t quite up to the standard you were hoping for. Mean while your family is happily and blissfully enjoying what you have done for and don’t actually need anything overly perfect.


These days I do see myself somewhat as a super woman, I know there will be people critical of this out there but realistically I’m doing more with my life now than I have ever done before. On a daily basis I play with Little Man, Teach him, care for him (with the help and support of my partner). On top of that I am a quality control lab technician working two-three days a week, I’m studying by correspondence my Certificate in Quality Assurance and I cook, clean, write this blog and have hobbies. I’m not a very social person; I never have been, my partner is my best friend so spending time with him and with a few other friends and family of ours fits in around the rest of my life nicely. Where do I find the time? I have no idea.

In my early twenties I always thought I was so busy, I was studying 8am-4pm then worked three nights a week 9pm-1am went out socializing with friends maybe once or twice a week and somehow don’t remember ever having the time to do the hobbies I enjoy or the money for that fact. It is amazing how the use of your time changes when you get older. I multi-task a lot more now, I don’t think there is ever a moment in time where I am actually doing just one thing. Like right this moment, I am writing this, watching a home improvement program and thinking about the next question in my assignment and how I’m going to go about answering it. Maybe I’m an over achiever in a way, but I see myself as a super woman now. Little Man is almost six months old and the other day I was asked by his Nana (my partner’s mum) if we went to the movies or anything like that. We haven’t in over six months we have not had a night or evening to ourselves, a lot of people would freak out at that but we do have us time. Little Man is in bed by 8pm so on the nights my partner has off we have time for us. We have family days where we spend together as a family, go for walks, work on our projects, even occasionally get out of town. We still enjoy each others company in the same ways we did before Little Man came along so when people are shocked that we haven’t “gone out” for the night or sent Little Man to the grandparents for a weekend or something like that their reactions seem so foreign and strange. Maybe we just have a very easy lovely Little Man, that we don’t feel the need to escape him but I’m sure as he grows older we will have moments where we just need to have a little time to ourselves.

Anyway, My point of this post was Super Hero’s come in many shapes and forms. Not all where capes our have overly showy super powers. Some are as simple as the parents who do absolutely everything within their ability to provide a happy comfortable life for their family. Or your super hero could be the tiniest little baby who has already made you so proud, whose smile is electrifying, whose laugh scares away any negativity lingering in your mind and who unconsciously saved your life even before they were technically born. I have a lot of super hero’s in my life; My first was my Dad. But now I have so many: My partner, My son, My sister, My mum, definitely still my Dad. But throughout the course of my life so far I’ve been extremely lucky to have met many inspirational and wonderful people who have touched my life in some way, some are no longer with us and some still inspire me every day. But most of all I am my own Super Hero, there have been a lot of times in my life where I could’ve just given up. There have been a lot of times where a lot of people would’ve just given up but something inside me prevented me from being able to just accept the cards that were handed to me. Whenever life knocks me down; I get back up, stronger, more determined and more motivated then I have ever been before. To me that makes me a Super Hero, purely because I believe that no matter what life throws at me I can over come it. Saying that makes me smile, not out of pride but because of the irony of it. I would never have learnt how strong I truly am if I hadn’t of faced things that made me feel the weakest and most vulnerable I could ever feel.

We all have a super hero within us. Go out and find yours today 🙂


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