Winter and Wool


When I was a kid winter involved knitting, doing puzzles, going on road trips and listening to mum read to us. Before Lord of the Rings had even started filming she had read all the books except The Hobbit to us. I knew how to knit from around the age of eight but have never actually managed to ever complete anything other then scarves, and the occasional hat.

So now as an adult the thought of sitting by a nice warm fire doing wool craft or reading after a lovely big roast is absolute perfection to me. I know it’s not quite winter but I’m getting a head start this year on my wool crafts. I also discovered this week why my partner doesn’t allow me to have my own trademe account or his password, it is a very very wise decision of his.


I’m no longer knitting. I will probably at some point get back into it but I’ve decided it’s not my best talent. While pregnant with little man I taught myself to crochet and succeeded in completely a baby blanket for him, it was of course a simple single crochet stitch blanket. Nothing fancy but it is the biggest thing I have ever managed to complete, and it looks reasonably professional. Any way as I have caught the crochet bug, I was lucky enough lately to be given the opportunity to try out a Storm Trooper hat pattern that is being made up by Nico’s Knots ( so that is what I have been doing this week instead of writing post after post. On top of that I’ve had work and Little Man had vaccinations and Plunket check up, so it has been a busy week so far.

Any way this is as far as I have gotten:


The basic hat is complete and some of the extra little bits, I’m hoping to complete it tomorrow night so I should be able to post up some photos on the facebook page of the completed hat with a review of the pattern. Have to say I’m pretty proud of myself for getting this far.

On another note I’m going to give spinning my own fibers a go, I inherited a spinning wheel a few years back from my Great Aunt before she passed away. She gave me a brief lesson on how to do it but once I got it home what she had taught me had unfortunately disappeared from my memory (I have had in the past phases of low blood sugar and other issues that have caused my memory, short and long term to be rather poor). It has been sitting for a long while since, but recently I found that along with the stuff she had given me she had actually given me a book on spinning both hand and wheel. To trademe I went to get some fleece, me on trademe unsupervised in the crafts section is a very very dangerous thing. I ended up purchasing 100g of pure cotton ready to be spun and 100g of merino silk wool that had also been carded. I decided getting myself used to spinning first would be easy then learn how to card etc. at the same time. Any way I am now like a kid at Christmas waiting for my parcels to arrive. There is something magical about expecting something in the mail, I am lucky in a way that my parents live a fair distance away from us because occasionally we get sent parcels and cards.

This years crocheting and spinning is very much going to be an experiment of learning new things. I believe knowing how to crochet, knit and spin as very very valuable things to know. Many people my age don’t know how to do these skills any more, but you never know when it may come in handy. I did have a conversation with my partner about Angora rabbits, we were in the car and it went along the lines of “did you know you can get rabbits that shed wool, that you can spin and use to knit and crochet with?””yes, Angora rabbits, No we are not getting rabbits.” “why not?” ” Because you already have a rat, a cat and a baby” and the conversation was over. He has a fair point, my time is stretched enough as it is rather then adding even more things for me to care for.

My old boy Timmy who passed away last year, Father to 8 girls and 1 boy who is my little Jeffry who I still have.

Any way this is more of a diary post than an informative post.


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