Am I doing this right?

I started this blog for my own record, then people actually started to read it. Only a few a day but that was enough to keep me writing. Then I write one post and it gets hundreds of views a few comments and several likes. Now it’s dwindled down again.

It sounds silly but I’m feeling a little disheartened, even though I never intended to write for an audience knowing people were finding what I was writing interesting was nice and encouraged me to write more. I have tried getting people to share my blog or the facebook page it is now linked to but that doesn’t seem to be working. I guess what else makes it hard is homesteading isn’t a big thing in New Zealand, let alone where I live or urban homesteading. It is only just starting to gain interest, there are no facebook groups in New Zealand for homesteading and many people probably wouldn’t know what I was on about if I did talk to them about it.

So for the other bloggers out there am I doing this right? Is there anything I could be doing better and how do you go about spreading your word so to speak. Please help, I am new at this and would really appreciate some feedback.


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