Smoked Salmon Pinwheels with lite Cream cheese

I wasn’t going to write today but this I just had to share with everyone. The things I get up to during nap-time (Both Mr. and Little Man) when I should be doing other things like my assignment for the Openpolytechnic course I’m taking. Instead today we have chicken soup in the slow cooker and these amazingly delicious smoked Salmon pinwheels.

Maybe I have become a little obsessed with pinwheels after my last post but I swear today I have tweaked the recipe to perfection. If you want the basic recipe go to my Not So Slow, slow cooker pinwheel recipe¬†here. Today’s however were done in the oven instead at 150 degrees Celsius until lightly golden. What am I doing differently well I still don’t measure anything, I may do next time but I can’t be bothered fluffing around with measuring cups it takes away from the easiness of the whole recipe. But I will tell you I am adding more oil and less water. The dough today was very very soft almost maybe too soft but the result is a lovely firm crust with a really lovely soft and light center something which I find absolutely desirable in any bread. I also was lazy and just chucked everything into the food processor with the dough blade on whizzed it for a few minutes then turned the oily dough out onto some baking paper. I’m not a fan of getting dough all over my fingers, not sure why but I have always disliked the feeling. So to knead it I folded the baking paper and dough in half and pressed down and repeated this several times from several angles, it also stops you from having to flour the bench. I then flattened the dough out by hand spread with smoked tuna from a tin, it probably would be nicer with the slices of smoked salmon but we had a tin on hand so I used that. Rolled it up, cut it and placed it in the oven. The result is perfection, soft, melt in your mouth salmony goodness. I added a dollop of lite cream cheese to the top but if you wanted you could add it directly to the pinwheel or cut in half and spread it on. I could eat a hundred of these. Definitely something I will be making again and maybe next time I will try them out with my own homemade cream cheese now that I’ve found this recipe;¬†How to make cream cheese. This site had me from the moment I opened the page and a pop up on screen asked if I would like a free e-book on how to make cheese. I grew up with the nickname mouse and it wasn’t just because I was a quiet child.

Any way happy baking people, I’m going to sit down with a book and another pinwheel and ignore the fact it has rained almost non-stop all day.


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