Progress Report

Today’s post will be short and sweet, it is day five of a very busy long 10 day week in our household. My partner is doing ten nights of work in a row mostly 9pm-5.30am shifts, and I am working three days this week and not sure how many next week so we are all very tired.

I decided at 6.30am this morning when my partner had just got home from work that maybe me going to work today wasn’t such a good idea, so instead I am working tomorrow which I had planned to have off. So while Dad slept I did the usual washing, read a bit of my book, played with Little Mr. and while he was having his nap too (in the same room as Dad in his cot) I ducked around the corner to Mitre 10 mega. I set myself a limit of $50 and only ended up spending $30 so went to the bakery and grabbed us some lunch too.

As this is a progress report I better get to the progress part. Today I brought Marigolds, Lavender, Mini cauliflower (my seedlings all either died or oddly disappeared), normal cauliflower, and Zinnia (fire variety, impulse buy). I’ve put the marigolds, the Zinnia and the mini cauliflower in the garden, strung up half the beans that were starting to need it and tidied up the back section a little.

img_20160309_135225.jpgThe Italian Broccoli now have two resident Praying Mantis, one of which is huge and I watched devour a white cabbage moth today. Also discovered that our little black cat is earning his supper by sleeping among the plants and swatting at any that get too close.

On another note, I discover we have potatoes growing. Several plants in fact, I had thrown some old ones out the kitchen door onto a patch of unused garden and well they have sprouted and are almost ready to be harvested. Definite bonus for the week. Once I have harvested them I’ll be doing a potato post, not only because I have potatoes but because a wonderful beautiful lady I know loves potatoes and I’m lucky enough to have her as a reader 🙂 she knows who she is.

img_20160309_135541.jpgPlease excuse the bad photography I have been using my phone lately which although quick and easy does not give good quality photos especially close ups.

My partner is hoping to get the third and final garden bed built this weekend so it’ll be ready for our normal cauliflower oregano, celery and spinach. This time of year is actually pretty good time to be planting vegetables. I looked up a calender for what should be planted now and there is quite a bit really. Cauliflower, Broccoli, peas, broad beans, onions, beetroot, there are plenty more but I can’t remember them all. We haven’t however had any luck with the watermelon, left it a little late I think and the positioning probably wasn’t optimal. The Rosemary I transferred to the garden also doesn’t seem to be doing too well so if anyone has any tips on getting great growth from Rosemary it would be greatly appreciated as I’m not having much luck. They are still alive but not really showing many signs of growing any bigger.

Any way that’s all folks, time for this mummy to get to bed. Hope you are all having a wonderful stress free week full of love, laughter and of course delicious food.



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