Not so slow Slow cooker Pinwheels

I am a huge sucker for bread. Absolutely love the stuff which is a little odd considering one of my sisters and my dad both have Coeliac/Celiac disease.

I frequently by pinwheels and twists from the supermarket, they only cost $2 but when you are buying them frequently they add up rather quickly. I came across this recipe in a comment on a group page I’m a part of on facebook and it seemed so simple so thought I would give it a go.


Self-raising flour

Oil (I used Canola)


Salt or sugar to taste

Toppings of your choice (I used tomato sauce and cheese)

Mix together all the ingredients except toppings until you have a nice firm dough. Roll out the dough till flat and then spread on your toppings, roll up and cut. Place in the slow cooker on their ends as shown below and bake on high until they are firm. For me it takes about 5 mins to do the prep. work and about an hour and a half to cook, maybe not even that. Take out and allow to cool or eat warm 🙂

Ready to be cooked

I lined our slow cooker with baking paper just to make getting them out easier, cheese always is great at sticking to things.

They will rise a bit so leave a gap between them when you put them in the slow cooker. They probably could be cooked in an oven as well if you haven’t got a slow cooker, I haven’t tried it myself but don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Half cooked pinwheels

There are heaps of varieties you could make with them too both sweet and savory. Here are a few ideas I have come up with this evening:

Cheese and garlic

Feta and spinach

Cream cheese and Salmon

Basil pesto (with or without cheese)

Cheese and onion

Tomato and onion

Spaghetti or even baked beans



Honey glazed

Peanut butter and jelly (jam)

Jam by itself (you could top these with a dollop of whipped cream)

Apple and cinnamon

Brown sugar and cinnamon

The options are endless essentially if you think it up you can make it.

Any way I think from now on I will make my own, I’m onto my second batch tonight with the same toppings cheese and tomato sauce but I added Rosemary to the dough. Can’t wait to make some soup just to have these with them. It’ll save me money as well a bag of cheap self-raising flour and toppings costs less than it would to make the amount of pinwheels I have tonight.

Happy cooking everyone.


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