Every great accomplishment starts with a plan. Yes, a part of me is hesitant to put all this effort into a rental property that we will eventually move from. But that being said at least then I know I will have created something that either the landlords or future tenants will be able to enjoy.

This weekend has been all about planning with me, I have started back at work on a casual basis so now have a little disposable income to be able to put any plans I make into action. My plans didn’t just involve the garden either, I had come up with some ideas in my head that I had tried to explain to my partner but nothing is ever explained better than with a picture so I did some drawing. It is usually where I always begin with plans after I’ve come up with an idea that is. Here is what I’ve drawn up:

Initial Garden drawing
Pallet table, our dining table just isn’t working for us any more, plus it doesn’t really fit our style
We recently got a new bed and well I decided it would be possible to up cycle the slate bed frame into a seat for our deck. excuse the odd drawing it was a rough sketch.

From there I always tidy things up a bit and I’ve found the use of paint very good at doing this, I’ve also found it handy because if I want to change something I can easily add in things or take things out or even move things around. garden plangarden key

It is a bit crude but when planning things out I like to leave room for improvements and ideas. Whilst planning this I tried to include aspects from what I have learnt about companion planting and how I envisage the garden at the end of the process. As well as of course a little influence by my partner who would like to brew his own beer and make cider (Our neighbors apple tree drops apples on our drive so that provides us with enough).

From here I have made a list of everything I need to put my plans in action, then the next step is actually getting things done. I know the plans will change in the process but that is part of the beauty of creating things. I studied fine art when I was 17 for a year and I guess that is why I never really got far with design because I always change my plans as I am working on something. I see it as making improvements and being creative but if you have designed something for someone and they have agreed on the specifics of the plan you don’t have that flexibility to change things as you go. Yes, I see building this garden as a form of art, a living piece that hopefully will be both practical as well as beautiful.

I would like to somehow incorporate a water system as the closest tap to the garden is outside our laundry which is a good 15-20m from the garden and over two fences. Our section is laid out a little oddly with the driveway not only separating the garden from the house but it is also fully fenced.

What else have I done this weekend, to be honest not much. I had planned to have a productive weekend in the house getting rid of stuff after finding a photo of our lounge from when we first moved in. We have been in our house two years and I don’t know where all the stuff has come from but compared to the sparse look that we started with it is definitely lived in now. We have had little Miss Six this weekend so have been entertaining her while partner slept (he is working every night for the next 10 days including starting his first supervisor shift) so our house is going to be quiet during the day over that time. On top of that Little Mr is suffering from the horrible experience that is teething and is refusing to sleep during the day for long and waking at night again with sore gums. Both are now in bed and partner is at work so I am going to sit down with a book I got out from the library tonight and make the most of the peace and quiet.


Tomorrow night I will be spending the four hours from 9pm-1am that my partner is at work doing my quality assurance assignment for the Openpolytechnic certificate I am training for. It is due on the 26th, I have started it but haven’t been able to find the motivation to finish it off. There is no better motivation then a fast approaching deadline, the last assignment I did I left till the last minute and got 98% which I guess hasn’t helped me build motivation to do it ahead of time.


2 thoughts on “Planning

  1. I enjoyed looking at your plans and I think what you are doing is fantastic because you live in a rental property. My last home was in a small apartment complex that had just over an acre of land in the back that was overgrown with weeds. I received permission to play back there and what we created has lived on. It began with pulling weeds to create a sitting area under the only shade trees on the property and grew to a community garden further back. While it was a project I began because I love to work outdoors soon neighbors joined in building a bird feeder, carrying chairs found on curbs for trash pick up and dropping off flowers to beautify the spaces.

    It wasn’t long before management came to me and thanked me for what I’d started. It turned out that new tenants signed leases when they saw the land and realized living there wouldn’t involve being stuck indoors and tenants now stay longer than they used to.

    While I have moved, bought my own home, the land is still being cared for by the people living there. They take pride in it, keep the weeds pulled and mow the open spaces. The children love both working to keep it clean and weed free and playing there where it’s safe for them to play.

    So yes, you will be making your rental a better rental for the next person and that is a lovely thing to hear.

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    1. Thank you for your feed back, I actually sort of needed it today. We had quite bad wind the other day and it has caused havoc on our garden, to the point I almost gave up. I can’t though not only because I’ve already invested so much time in it but because I can’t stand to see something half done. I grew up gardening with my mum, the house I grew up with had a huge section and actually thinking about it now would be the type of property I would like to buy in the future. I think realistically land lords don’t mind you doing things to a property that will increase it’s appeal or value it is more that they want things done properly and no damage done to the property.


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