Quick and Easy Cleansing Mask

Mr 4 month’s tummy is a lot better but now his teething has taken on a new extreme, along with chewing, and rash he has discovered this ability to cry almost continuously. So after a very long couple of days I decided I needed a pick me up.

I came across this little wonder in oddly another Reader’s Digest book – Homemade which I got out from the local library this week. It is a wonder the amount of books there are under the 640 section in the library. I could spend all year going through them all.

Anyway I decided I’d try this one out purely because we had the ingredients and most people who are into Urban Homesteading would have these ingredients near by as well and it is seriously quick to put together. The recipe says this is aimed at deep cleansing and is especially suited for young faces and the treatment of oily skin.

You’ll need:

7g packet dry yeast (I used 1tsp and a half)

3 drops of lemon juice

2 teaspoons of water

  1. In a small bowl, mix the yeast, lemon juice and water vigorously until a thick paste forms. If necessary, add more water to achieve the correct consistency for applying to the face.
  2. Pat the mixture on the face, avoiding the eyes. Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Pat skin dry.


It isn’t the most attractive mix and looks a little like smooth peanut butter. My partner told me I looked like the baby from peanut butter baby vine, if you are curious as to what that is follow thisĀ link. That is the original video which has then been made into funny vines.

I refrigerated mine before applying it just to add to it’s refreshing characteristic. It worked really well for me, I would suggest though not to wash it off in the bath because of the yeast. But otherwise it is a really good mask. For years I have used the old egg white mask which I think works amazingly. I’ve had discussions with others before about it though and they have had issues.


That one I essentially separate an egg into a cup refrigerate and then apply, I usually leave that one until it dries out and it’s one I frequently use when having a bath. Afterwards my skin is always extremely soft a healthy feeling. With this one my skin is equally as soft afterwards but feels nice cool and refreshed.

If you have a man in the house who likes the occasional pampering this could be one for him because it’s not too girly and smells like beer being brewed or bread being baked.

Happy homesteading people.



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