Health and Homesteading

I had this idea that I would write a post every day but I didn’t get the chance yesterday, Little Mr 4 months has caught a virus. We ended up at the emergency doctor’s last night at 6.30pm with a spotty, hot baby (38.6 degrees Celsius). I was a very very long night last night and today has been just as hard.

So since we are in the midst of health issues in our household I thought I would right a post about that exact thing. How does it fit in with homesteading? It plays a huge role in fact. A lot of people are lured to the homesteading ways because modern medicine and modern life just isn’t working for them. They want a healthy lifestyle both physically and emotionally, homesteading provides the platform for that on many levels. Not only are you providing your family with wholesome, delicious, healthy food but you can start new habits with the ways you handle your health.

IMG_20150717_182855If it wasn’t for my decision to change the way I was living I most likely wouldn’t have my little man.

I was born with Marfan syndrome, which affects all the connective tissue in your body and on many many occasions modern health care has failed me. Not because they haven’t tried but because my body is so different from the norm that a lot of the time usual treatments just don’t work (for more information on Marfan Syndrome click here). Because of this I have sort out a healthy lifestyle. I have always loved home remedies, my Nana is an expert on them. I started my quest for better health after suffering from inflammation of the pericardium which took me a few years to fully recover from. To go from running up three flights of stairs at uni to not being able to walk up one without being exhausted really does make you take stock of your life. On top of this I started getting really bad episodes of seriously low blood pressure and I was seeing a dietitian for being underweight my whole life. I’ve learnt a lot over the last few years but the biggest thing I have learnt is that everything that happens within the body can be treated with the right combinations of nutrients.

img_20160225_212521.jpgI found this Reader’s Digest book at a local hospice shop and it is wonderful. Not only does it have great home remedies but it has sections on beauty, housekeeping, cooking, style and gardening.

It covers everything really. But here are a few of my favorites:

For low blood pressure have a shot of rosemary wine with a meal at midday. I personally don’t drink alcohol any more just out of choice but this sounds like a great remedy. Better yet you can make it yourself by pouring 750mL of white wine over 20g of rosemary leaves. Leave, then after 5 days strain and bottle.

This one I can say actually does work for low blood pressure, eat a small piece of licorice every day (no more than 15g), I’m a big fan of licorice so this really didn’t seem horrible at all, but my one main thing for low blood pressure is water. I have 2L a day, and not only does it stabilize my blood pressure but it makes me feel great.

And since little Max has an upset tummy how about a remedy for that (I wouldn’t give this to a baby though). We have all heard of peppermint tea for upset tummies but how about Thyme tea. Infuse 2g of dried common Thyme in 1 cup of boiling water.

I’ll be posting more of these as I try them, this is just a taste of things to come. Along with homemade beauty products. The best part about Urban Homesteading is that you can quite literally get to a point where everything you need is right there either in your backyard or preserved in your pantry.


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