Today’s discovery

This isn’t really a homesteading post but is useful none the less.

My partner was on looking up life hacks and found one that really appeals to me. We are a very artistic household, both my partner and I draw frequently and I also paint. My partner’s six year old daughter has caught the bug and ended up taking over possession of her dad’s pencil case, he wasn’t too bothered because this meant he had an excuse to buy himself a brand new set.

The problem with pencils and children is they get blunt very very quickly. Especially if you have a child in your household that will draw and color for hours and hours on end. It is absolute bliss but sharpening them all becomes not only a drag for her but for us adults as well.

That is where this find becomes an incredible tool, also I’m a big fan of power tools and honestly if there is one big purchase everyone should make for their home it is a good quality set of tools.

This should include:

  • a hammer
  • an electric cordless drill
  • a screw driver set
  • some pliers
  • a socket set
  • a pry bar
  • a hand saw (at least)

Good quality ones of course, when buying tools there tend to be three different kinds on the market here in New Zealand. DIY, high quality DIY and trade. The difference is plain DIY are as basic as they come, they have a short warranty and will do the job if you are doing any small jobs and look after them well. High quality DIY have a longer warranty and can with stand a bit more, they generally work pretty well and last for a time, the difference between them and Trade is the warranty. If you have DIY tools be careful not to use them any where other then private property, if you use them in a professional environment it will void your warranty,  the other thing is they can take a lot of hard work.

Blue Bosch range is their trade brand and they are amazing, they have interchangeable battery packs and the range they have is great.

Ok so back to the find CrazyRussianHacker  has some amazing hacks and things but this is one that I have actually tried today. In less than half an hour I sharpened 25 pencils while watching tv and it’s actually sort of fun. No sore wrists and Miss Six will never complain of blunt pencils again.

I did it straight into a rubbish bag but you could probably do it into a container and add the shavings to your compost heap (I will probably do that next time). This is something I will be sharing with both my mum and my sister who are both school teachers, I’m sure their students would be pretty impressed with this way of sharpening pencils.


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