Useful sites I’ve found

I have for a long time scoured the web looking for new ideas and DIY projects etc. I never quite got the hang of the pinterest, sure there are a lot of good ideas on there but I could never quite find where the ideas actually came from.

Here are a couple I really love:

For DIY home care products, cosmetics and some good recipes wellness mama has a lot of good ones. Not to mention she has a recipe for chocolate, which is always a strong point.

Selfsufficiency Magazine has almost anything you could ever want to know, even how to raise chickens. They also mostly provide links to other sites which usually have other useful information on them.

One site I particularly like because it is local, is Kotare village or the Koanga institute they run courses, sell heritage seeds and if you are really determined to live life differently you can join their community. Which is not quite for me, I’m too used to creature comforts and living in town to go to that extreme, but the idea behind the place is really good.

I will probably end up referring to these pages quite a bit when I try things out that I’ve found on them.


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